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Elect Brandy Donaghy for Fire Commissioner


I will put our Fire District personnel and the communities they serve first by ensuring that the voices of the personnel and unions are heard.  

I will work to increase diversity within the department as it grows to reflect our growing communities.  

I will consider current administrative processes and procedures  and look for ways to increase efficiency without negatively impacting the excellence currently demonstrated by our First Responders. 


all portrait photo credits: Priya Alahan Photography

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    Our Routine

    In our home, politics and civic responsibility are important. I remember registering to vote way back when I was 18, and almost half a decade ago, my oldest excitedly did the same. The last presidential primary caucus even left us with 2 delegates in the house - for different candidates! We have a voting routine. Each of us, my husband Sam, daughter Amy, and I will take time with the hardcopy voters' pamphlet, spend some time researching the candidates online, carefully mark our choices, seal our ballot and then pass the booklet on the the next person. Then on Election Day, one (or all) of us will deliver our ballots to our drop box. Ultimately, whether or not we follow a specific routine or not is less important than the actual action of voting, but that left me wondering - do you have a voting routine in your home? Do you fill out the ballot the moment it's received? Wait until the last minute? Somewhere in between? Please share it with me!      
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    I Want Your Primary Vote

    As a veteran, leader and local volunteer, I possess the education, experience and dedication necessary to serve the best interests of our first responders as well as my fellow community members as your next Fire District 1 Commissioner. Remember to VOTE BRANDY DONAGHY for Snohomish County Fire District 1 Fire Commissioner #3! Every vote counts. Leave your ballot in your local drop box or send it by USPS.  It must be dropped off or postmarked by August 1st.  Thank you for your vote! To support my campaign, visit my donate page. All contributions are greatly appreciated. Checks can be mailed to the address listed on my contact page, payable to "Committee for Brandy Donaghy." If you have any questions at all, please reach out via email or Facebook. I'm happy to answer them. 
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