Campaign Statement

As a Navy veteran, I understand the importance of ensuring that those we rely on in emergencies are appropriately provided for.  Our first responders must have access to all of the necessary resources to keep themselves and our community safe. I recognize that when our best laid plans go awry, we must be bold, agile and innovative in finding solutions. In partnership with our valued first responders, I will evaluate the district’s expenditures and identify opportunities to increase efficiency without sacrificing safety.

 Our Fire District’s operational workforce should reflect the diverse community they serve. They interact closely and regularly with those who live, visit, travel or work within our district and increased diversity will improve their safety and effectiveness. I will work with community members and with Fire District 1 personnel to implement practices that increase the diversity of the team.

I hold a BA in Business Administration with a concentration in Management Information Systems. I have professional experience in conflict management, negotiation, diversity training and creative problem solving. As an active member of my community, I educate, moderate, organize, and manage projects in our school, church and community organizations. I ask for the honor of your vote.

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